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Anthony Havrilla

I am a graduate of Conwell Egan High School. Fairlesshills PA, and Temple University, Philadelphia PA, where I studied Management Information Systems. I started my career after college in BIG 4 consulting and now currently work in software and data sales. After the first year of my professional career I realized the importance of confidence and communication skills. Thinking back through all my experiences at internships, school, my job, and life in general I realized that all very successful people shared two traits. One, they were great communicators and two, they were all very confident. They spoke to everyone as if they were peers. It didn't matter if you were one person or a crowd of 100 people. It didn't matter if you were an intern, a janitor, an actual peer, or a superior, everyone received the same confident, clear, and respectful form of communication.  

I realized that I needed to build up my confidence and communication skills so that I could have my own successful career. To do this I joined a pubic speaking club. After partaking in the club for several months myself and my superiors had noticed a clear difference in the way I handled projects and communicated with clients and internal management. Because of the confidence and communication skills I had built I received a promotion that a few months before was very far fetched.


Public speaking changed my life very quickly and I thought to myself if only I were this confident when I played sports in school, I could have done so much better! If only I could have communicated this well in college and my internships, I could have had so much success so quickly! In an effort to keep others from have that same what if I set out to help people find their own confidence, develop better communication skills, and face their fear of public speaking. 

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